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This is a confession blog for Soul Eater (anime and manga.) Send in a confession (if you want a specific graphic, send that too) and we'll take it from there. Check the FAQ if you have a question, and if it's not on there, feel free to ask!
sorry for all of the short, unannounced hiatuses. thanks for your patience!
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Anonymous: Why don't you just add an admin to run it while you're gone and busy 

i kind of did but she’s even busier than i am (we know each other irl.) it’s mostly schoolwork that’s weighing us down…

we’re really sorry for the sudden hiatus and we promise we’ll be back and posting all the confessions as soon as humanly possible.

(unless someone wants to become an admin… message us? i’m not sure how to go about it tbh.)

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Full Confession: 

Am I the only SE fan who does not want the anime to have a remake? I don’t think the events from the last arcs of the manga deserve to be animated, most of them were too boring. (Also I absolutely loved the anime’s ending as opposed to the manga’s ending which I found ridiculous)

# side note: the second admin is an assbutt so it's probably just gonna be me until she feels like doing it
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